Permagard Protction Packages

Luxury Protection Packages at Hunter Star Motors.

Hunter Star Motors is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of luxury exterior and interior protection packages for your Mercedes Benz.

Designed to cope with the harshest of Australian climates, our Permagard protection packages guarantee your vehicle will look its best inside and out for many years to come. Keep your vehicle protected day and night, ensuring a long lasting glossy finish, less time washing and cleaning, and more time enjoying driving your Mercedes Benz looking its best. All Permagard packages are supported by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Further, our premium window films are available in two shades. One of those is the U.V. sunsmart tint, the only tint endorsed by the Cancer Council, providing the highest U.V. protection.

For further information, please contact our Hunter Star Motors on, 024974 4244.